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Free lifetime support for all products

We provide free support to all customers who purchase from us.

If you experience problems while trying to connect using our hardware please contact and we will do our best to help. Before support is provided we kindly ask you send your payment transaction number and date of purchase so we can verify the sale. Support can be provided in many ways including over; email, telephone and even remote desktop sessions depending on the issue.


As we only supply hardware, there are a number of third party software packages which can be used with our kits. We recommend using one called MultiECUScan. Some ECUs on certain models of vehicle work with the free version of MultiECUScan/FiatECUScan. However some ECUs on some vehicles will require the full version of the software to be purchased. These are highlighted in red in the compatibility tool. The MultiECUScan/FiatECUScan software can be purchased direct from and at time of writing is around 50 euros (and worth every penny in our opinion).


  1. Plug cable into laptop or computer via a USB port.
  2. Install drivers if they are not automatically installed.
  3. Download and install MultiECUScan, (full version may be required).
  4. Match "COM Ports" in both device manager and MultiECUScan.
    1. Load up "Device Manager", see above
    2. Under "Ports (COM & LPT)"", find "USB Serial Port"
    3. Next to this title there should be a "COM Port", in brackets, e.g. "USB Serial Port (COM12)"
    4. Load MultiECUScan and press F9, (settings)
    5. Under the "General" tab, next to "Serial Port", select the correct "COM Port", from the drop down, e.g. Serial Port COM12
  5. [ONLY FOR KKL SWITCH CABLE] - Set the correct switch position
    1. Position 1 = Engine ECU (engine faults) (default when shipped)
    2. Position 2 = AirBag ECU (airbag faults)
    3. Position 3 = ABS ECU (break faults)
    4. Position 4 = ESP ECU (stability faults)
  6. [ONLY FOR ADAPTERS] - Plug in the correct adapter for the module you need to connect to. If you are unsure if an adapter is needed or which adapter is needed, try to connect anyway, and the software will tell you which one it requires.
  7. Locate the vehicle under the "Make" and "Model Version" filters from the list and select the correct "System" and "ECU".
  8. Car key must be in "MAR" position, (electrics on).
  9. Press F10, (connect)

Firewall and antivirus programs may have to be disabled. The computer must be logged on with an Administrator account.

You may need to lower the 'Latency Timer' and 'Buffer Limits' on the port as documented by MultiECUScan.


All modern windows operating systems do not require additional drivers, but if drivers are required they can be downloaded from here:

KKL drivers

ELM drivers

To install the cable driver

  1. Click start (bottom left hand corner) and right click "My Computer"
  2. Select "Properties"
  3. Under the "Hardware" tab, click "Device Manager"
  4. Find the device under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" or "Ports (COM & LPT)"" it should be highlighted with a yellow exclamation mark.
  5. Click "Install Driver" and follow the wizard to install the driver from the saved location.
  6. Driver path (drive letter)/(vag409 or ELM327)/USB_DRIVER/

* Note Windows operating system compatible only, (not compatible with Mac).


We accept secure payment via Paypal where payment can be made by either using your Paypal account or a credit or debit card if you do not have an account registered with Paypal.

Please note that we are sorry but we do not accept any other forms of payment.


Whilst we strive to offer the best items and service possible we understand that sometimes items may need to be returned. Therefore, refunds are offered on all items. However, please follow the refund guidelines below:

All refund requests must be sent via email to

Please note items must be returned within 14 days of receipt and must be returned in their original condition.

Returns must include your name, paypal transaction ID and date of purchase.

The buyer must pay all return postage costs.

Items do not need to be sent recorded delivery however proof of postage will be required in the event that returned items are not received. Therefore please ensure proof of purchase is obtained.

Refunds will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of the item.